Mission Statement:

Dedicated to helping local children and families affected by prematurity.


Eligibility Requirements:

Any person or family throughout Northwest Indiana (Lake and Porter County) and Cook County of Illinois facing a burden resulting from a premature birth (14 weeks gestation to 36 weeks gestation).  Assistance will be provided solely for the purpose of improving the child's quality of life.  This may include, offsetting direct medical costs or advanced medical equipment, post medical care (i.e. therapy) or a financial hardship directly resulting from a premature birth.


Grant Application:

Those seeking assistance from the Foundation, can receive an application by calling 219.365.5800 or by clicking on the following link:


Grant Application


Only complete applications will be considered.  Incomplete grants will not be considered for funding, nor will the Foundation inform you if your application is incomplete.  Please submit an original of your grant application to the following address:

Nathan C. Splant Foundation - Grant

15500 109th Avenue

Dyer, IN  46311


NOTE: Financial assistance will not be made directly to the applicant.  The Foundation will make such assistance payable to, and deliver directly to, the institution, business or entity, to accomplish the need for which the applicant is requesting.


In being the best stewards of this fund, an attempt will be made to help as many children as possible; therefore, all requests may not receive full funding.  Only one application per child and household will be considered within a 12-month period.  If there is more than one child in a family, the additional children will be considered part of the same household.


The application will be reviewed on their individual merit and awards will be based solely on need, and shall be free from discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital or familial status, political beliefs, parental status, or protected genetic information.