We are a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization and therefore all donations are tax deductible.  No amount is too small as all donations make a difference in enabling us to continue fulfilling our mission of providing and supporting families affected by a premature birth.  As with most nonprofit organizations, donations are a critical part of continuing to help those in need.

Ways We Are Giving Back

When it comes to giving back to the community, any action big or small can make a difference. Here is a list of ways we are giving back to those that need assistance in our community:

  • Help pay for advanced medical equipment for the NICU and upon discharge
  • Help offset the cost of medical expenses for those in need
  • Help with travel and room accommodations
  • External link opens in new tab or windowGrant Giving Program - to any person or family facing a burden from a premature birth (14 weeks gestation to 36 weeks gestation)
  • Cap-A-Thon Program/ Recycled Bench to local hospitals
  • NICU - Educational DVDs/DVD Players
  • Community Hospital's NICU Amazon Wishlist
  • Ronald McDonald's Share a Night Program
  • March of Dimes - local walks
  • Special Needs Bicycle Purchase

  • Wheelchair Ramp Purchase

How Can You Donate

Credit Card

All our credit card transactions are processed thru PayPal.  PayPal allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including a Bank Account, PayPal Credit, Debit or Credit Card.


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Please make checks payable and mail to:

Nathan C. Splant Foundation

15500 109th Ave

Dyer, IN  46311

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or Check

Make payable to:

Nathan C Splant Foundation

15500 109th Ave
Dyer, IN  46311