Nathan, son of Philip and Kimberly Splant, was born 15 weeks prematurely (25 weeks gestation) on January 10, 2004 -  weighing January 11, 2004less than 2 lbs. and only 12 inches long.  Nathan would spend 108 days in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit at Community Hospital, in Munster, Indiana.


Nathan would be discharged in April 2004 along with an oxygen tank, heart monitor, and in-home nurses care.


Nathan's prognosis is excellent and he most likely will live a healthy and normal life.


Nathan's family could not have done it without the support, dedication, and compassion of all those involved with his recovery - including the doctors, nurses, therapists, special programs and funded research.


"We want to give back to the community" says Philip Splant, Chairperson, and father of Nathan.  And in his honor, the family founded the Nathan C. Splant Foundation.