The Nathan C. Splant Foundation is a volunteer-led organization dedicated to helping local families affected by prematurity.  Through the Foundation's assistance and grant giving programs, we seek to facilitate greater community awareness and improve the conditions of those born too early and too small.


In addition to its commitment to directly helping families, the Foundation also supports prematurity research.



Vision Statement


The Nathan C. Splant Foundation aspires to helping premature children and their families in Northwest Indiana and the surrounding Chicago-land areas.


As a grant-giver, we strive to make the most effective use of the financial resources entrusted to us, as permitted by the government of the United States, and enrich our respective communities.  We aim to establish and utilize those policies that ensure operational effectiveness and accountability.


As a Section 501(c)(3) organization, we seek to exercise responsible governance, demonstrate excellence in management and engage our constituents in a way that ensures our organizational and program effectiveness.


We envision a positive change - promote greater community awareness, education, foster leadership and active involvement to meet the needs of children affected by prematurity and their families.  We exemplify willingness and foster creativity and collaboration among organizations with similar goals and values.